The Story

After 20 years of involvement in the wine business, we were inspired to create a healthy, delicious alternative to wine.  For years, we had listened to comments from customers about the lack of appealing, non-alcoholic wine alternatives. So we set out to do something about it. In 2003, we engaged our industry contacts – winemakers, oenologists, winery owners, etc. – and were told all of the reasons why our idea wouldn’t work. (The high sugars and ambient yeast on the grapes make the juice “want” to become wine.)  Undeterred, we found a juice suppler and a highly-qualified food and flavor scientist and began countless hours perfecting flavor, body and balance in what would become VinSanté.

As lovers of wine, we know there are often times that call for a palatable, food-friendly, alcohol-free wine alternative – whether you’re the designated driver, you need to be sharp for this afternoon’s meeting or tomorrow’s athletic endeavor, or you simply know it’s not the best idea to have that “one more glass”.

We also wanted to create a tasty alternative to wine that would please our non-drinking friends.

Our unique new beverages are made from syrah and zinfandel grapes for the red and sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio grapes for the white. VinSanté is delicious, healthy and sophisticated enough to serve in a wine glass!

We are very excited to offer you VinSanté!

Enjoy in good health,

Ingrid and Bob Grueter