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November 22, 2013 No comments yet

One of the tricks I learned I still use to roast turkeys today (and on chickens as well). I make a mixture of finely chopped onions, garlic, herb and spices, and mushrooms in warm olive oil and butter. I use thyme, tarragon, and a touch of cinnamon for flavoring. I then loosen the skin on the bird’s breast and spread the mixture between the skin and the breast meat. It permeates the bird’s breast, and to some extent the whole bird. Lately, I like basting the bird with VinSanté Sauvignon Blanc to keep it nice and moist.

Dinner with a friend

March 11, 2010 No comments yet

The other night a friend came to our house for dinner. He has been to our house on numerous occasions, and enjoys good wine. However, on this night he was on a medication that precluded him from drinking alcohol. We gave him a choice of white or red VinSante and he chose the red to [...]