“Is VinSante Organic?”

March 2, 2014 No comments yet

The question often comes up: Is VinSanté organic?
In the simplest form, the answer to “Is it certified organic?” is “No”, but VinSanté, and most wines from California, go far beyond “organic.”
When wine grape juice is fermenting it needs to be stabilized, and that is accomplished with a very thin layer of sulfur dioxide on [...]

Winter Warming and New Year Celebrating – with our without alcohol

December 29, 2013 No comments yet

The New Year is almost here and winter has most certainly arrived. There is still celebrating to be done and plenty of warming by the fire. There are also those “Resolutions” to deal with. If your New Year’s Resolutions include reducing or eliminating alcohol, or just if you just want to avoid morning headaches, we have a couple of tasty ideas. With all of the extra calories that come with the Holiday Season festivities, VinSanté with its low – 10% sugar content can help to not increase the holiday bulge. These recipes, of course, use VinSanté, so will reduce sugar intake as well.

November 22, 2013 No comments yet

One of the tricks I learned I still use to roast turkeys today (and on chickens as well). I make a mixture of finely chopped onions, garlic, herb and spices, and mushrooms in warm olive oil and butter. I use thyme, tarragon, and a touch of cinnamon for flavoring. I then loosen the skin on the bird’s breast and spread the mixture between the skin and the breast meat. It permeates the bird’s breast, and to some extent the whole bird. Lately, I like basting the bird with VinSanté Sauvignon Blanc to keep it nice and moist.


November 9, 2013 No comments yet

You may have read Julia Child’s cookbooks or seen the movie “Julie and Julia”. Julia used considerable wine in most of her recipes. Some years ago we were fortunate to host (along with some good friends from a California winery) Julia and a number of food and wine writers at a picnic at the base of the Maroon Bells near Aspen.

Versatile VinSante

October 24, 2013 No comments yet

The variety of responses we receive reflect the wonderful diversity in our population. We have people who say, “Oh, I can’t drink wine, because it gives me headaches” and are happy that there is not only zero alcohol, but also no sulfites or yeast (which often cause the headaches).

Back Again

October 18, 2013 No comments yet

Since this last production, we have been busy expanding our distribution close to home and negotiating with some far-east distributors, while looking for that “start-up” marketing funding. We are now selling VinSante at Whole Foods Markets in all 5 states of the Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas and Idaho).

We’re Back!

December 22, 2010 No comments yet

We had heard about failed production runs, but never thought that one could happen to us – After all, we have scientists and consultants and we’re working with a new plant with “state of the art” equipment. Well, it turns out that the “state of the art” equipment became the problem as the “standard operating [...]

Montana Production

August 4, 2010 No comments yet

VinSante has taken another step in its growth. On July 27th we did a product bottling with Peak Bottling in Dillon, Montana. While Montana may seem like an unlikely place to produce a wine grape beverage, we were very happy to find Peak.  The new owners have taken a bottled water plant, sitting on an [...]

Check out our review in the Aspen Times

April 28, 2010 No comments yet

We just got a review in the Aspen Times

Developing VinSante

April 21, 2010 No comments yet

Once the decision was made to create an alcohol free, wine grape beverage, the fun began. First we needed a food/flavor scientist, and we were referred to FlavorSense, Inc’s Leslie Norris by Lamanuzzi and Pantaleo, one of the largest wine grape juice suppliers. We met up with Leslie in her lab in Modesto, CA and [...]