What’s VinSante?

VinSanté is an all natural, delicious, wine-grape beverage with 0% alcohol.

VinSanté comes in Red – made from syrah and zinfandel grapes and White – made from sauvignon blanc with a bit of pinot grigio grapes.

VinSanté has not been vinified (fermented) and therefore has never contained alcohol. This makes it different from and more flavorful than “de-alcoholized wine”, in which they remove most of the alcohol (along with most of the flavor) from wine.

VinSanté contains only 10% sugar and 60 calories in a five-ounce serving. By comparison, juices contain more than 16% sugar and wine has 90 to 110 calories per serving. VinSanté boasts all the antioxidants and health benefits of wine, without the alcohol.

Best of all, it tastes great! Drink to your health. Drink VinSanté.

Flavor Notes

VinSanté Red contains nuances of toasted oak, blackberry, black cherry and black currant, with a slightly tannic finish. It complements red meat, roasted chicken and pork dishes.
VinSanté White is rich in passion fruit, honey and pear flavors, with very slight nuances of oak to add body and complexity. The bright acidity lends crispness, resulting in a craving for more.