Back Again

Posted on October 18, 2013

At 4:30 AM December 15, 2012, we made a quick stop at McDonald’s for breakfast – not much open at 4:30 AM, sadly. Leslie, our flavor scientist, and I arrived at the production plant in Yorba Linda for our latest production. The semi-truck with the “state of the art” wine bottling system was already there and setting up. This truck is impressive – a full pristine bottling line with tracks to bring bottles in, fill, cap, label and bring back out to be loaded back in cases. Most of the workers at the plant were standing at the back dock watching the set up and the connections being made to their production lines. Leslie and I headed to the batching room to start measuring (large amounts) of our ingredients.

We have changed our production strategy – the Montana plant mentioned in old blogs did not have the right equipment to produce in large volume. We need to do production runs in a plant that can “flash” pasteurize to kill the yeast in the wine grapes (so that they don’t try to become wine all on their own), But there are no such production plants to be found that can do that AND put our product in a wine bottle. Thus the mobile wine bottling semi-truck mentioned above.

We are so sorry to have been so long without posting anything new. Since this last production, we have been busy expanding our distribution close to home and negotiating with some far-east distributors, while looking for that “start-up” marketing funding. We are now selling VinSante at Whole Foods Markets in all 5 states of the Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas and Idaho). We are also expanding sales with other natural grocery chains in the region and have found a couple of wonderful representatives to help us promote, taste and educate people on the healthful and enjoyable properties of VinSanté. We are also working on a smaller format bottle to help serve restaurants and hospitals, and to just be handy for that “grab & go” drink to have with lunch.

We promise to post blogs more regularly with fun VinSanté stories and updates …and even meal recipes.  We also have Facebook and Twitter accounts now, so you can follow us easily.

A votre santé!


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