Developing VinSante

Posted on April 21, 2010

Once the decision was made to create an alcohol free, wine grape beverage, the fun began. First we needed a food/flavor scientist, and we were referred to FlavorSense, Inc’s Leslie Norris by Lamanuzzi and Pantaleo, one of the largest wine grape juice suppliers. We met up with Leslie in her lab in Modesto, CA and what a lab it was. There were glass tubes for what seemed like miles and glass pots bubbling as far as you could see. We sat down with raw juice, and started working.  We added a little bit of this and then a bit of that, all natural of course. To come us with a more sophisticated drink, Leslie did her magic to get the grape sugars down from around 24% to 10%. We soon had a really good tasting beverage, with all of the health benefits of the wine grape – in fact, maybe more as we added more wine skin and grape seed extract to the beverage. The skin and seeds of the grape are where all of the antioxidants, called flavanoids (including resveratrol) exist. A couple more years of tweaking the product and doing self-life studies and we finally arrived at VinSanté.


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