Easter & Passover Holidays

Posted on March 25, 2010

In the past few weeks when we have been pouring samples of VinSanté at Whole Foods Markets in Denver and Boulder Colorado, we have had many people comment on how good VinSanté would be with the Passover meals. It not only tastes good, but the whole family (including the children) can enjoy it. It is much more food-friendly than fruit juices, and contains far less sugar (only10% as opposed to 18-20% for most juices). Others have also suggested VinSanté for the Easter celebrations. Again, the children, or those who choose to abstain from alcohol, can join the celebration.

In our household we will be offering VinSanté Sauvignon Blanc with Easter Brunch and VinSanté Syrah-Zinfandel as an option to wine with our traditional leg of lamb.

Happy Spring Holidays!

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