Getting Started

Posted on January 25, 2010

At a charity dinner party some four years ago, the wine was good, but a gentleman at my table said he wished he could find something that tasted as good but didn’t have alcohol. I told him he should taste how delicious the fresh juice is during the annual wine crush. We then decided to try something with the juice before it was made into wine. I went to see some winemaking friends in California, and they all told me why it could not be done – too much ambient yeast in a winery, and the sugar in the juice plus yeast makes the juice “want” to be wine. We were about to give up when I talked to one of my friends, who steered us to Lamanuzi and Pantaleo (one the world’s largest juice suppliers), who then referred us to Leslie Norris (a renowned food/flavor scientist). She said, “sure we can do it.”  Many hours in the lab, and many dollars into the project, we have VinSanté.

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